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    lighter app freezes

    Petervroegop · 7 · Last reply by Petervroegop


    I have been using your app Lighter on my old iPad mini, and it worked (and works) just fine. However, on my new iPad (2018 model) lighter freezes instant after choosing a scene or lamp. This happens with each and every lamp(s) or scene. Kinda weird isn’t it? 

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    Cannot join forum or sign in

    Joan SPRY · 0 · Posted

    I have tried to join forum and it sends me an activation link but when I use it, it tells me I am not yet activated and to use the activation link. I then ask it to send me another link, and it tells me to wait a few minutes but it does not send me a new link.

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    Have a problem? Please share it with us and we will do our best to solve it!

    David · 0 · Posted
    Looking for a solution to your problem? Start by writing it here. Chances are someone has experienced it in the past and will help you resolve it.