lighter app freezes


I have been using your app Lighter on my old iPad mini, and it worked (and works) just fine. However, on my new iPad (2018 model) lighter freezes instant after choosing a scene or lamp. This happens with each and every lamp(s) or scene. Kinda weird isn’t it? 

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I run this on an iPad (2018) with iOS 12.1.3 (16D39). I have been searching for another logical explanation too. There are no network issues, and all apps, including Hue apps run fine. Disk space is no issue as well. Over 40% free. I can’t think of anything else that interferes with the app. If I find something unusual next couple of days, I will let you know. For now Lighter runs as expected, after a new install. 

It gets a bit weird now. It worked fine but now Lighter freezes again, just as it did last time. Uninstalling and reinstalling solves it, for now. 

Sorry about the issue. Do you know which version of iOS you're running? Also, is there any external factor that might make things worse, like low disk space, or bad network connection?

OK glad it's unstuck. If you have any more feedback, like features you'd like to use, or ideas for scenes, you can let me know on this forum or at david@abetterhome.life

Great, thank you David. Uninstalling and reinstalling did the trick. Lighter is one of my favorite Hue apps, so I’m glad it works again. Thanks! 

Have you tried deleting and reinstalling the app? Let me know if the issue persists. Thanks!

Restarting the device doesn’t resolve the issue I’m afraid.

Could you try restarting the device? Let me know if that fixes the issue. Thanks!